Friday, October 16, 2015

Halloween Giveaway 2: Win a Bundle of E.A. Poe Goodies!

If there's a time of the year that's perfect for some horror classics, then it's definitely October. To celebrate one of my favorite classic horror authors and also in anticipation of Halloween, today I'm hosting an Edgar Allan Poe themed giveaway! The winner gets to win not one product but a bundle of beautiful products offered by the Etsy store Novel Reveries.

Below you'll find the giveaway which you can enter to win these awesome products, followed by my interview with Denée, the owner of Novel Reveries. 

The Giveaway

The winner will get all four products featured in the picture including:
  • A pumpkin metal bookmark
  • A book charm necklace
  • A soap aptly called 'Eau de Poe'
  • A cuff bracelet with a quote from Poe that says 'All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream'.

Denée's giveaway note: "As sole owner and operator of and Etsy shop, I have always loved the power of books, and thought others would like to display their love as well. My shop began with book charms in 2013, and have since expanded to quote bracelets, book inspired fine jewelry, music boxes, upcycled book fashions, and much more!"

This giveaway is open to the US/Canada only and will end on the 31st of October. The winner will be announced in the first week of November. 

Interview with Denée

Here's an interview I had with Denée, the creator of all these awesome bookish products.

Tell us about your craft. 
I love books, so I gear towards making literature related items, whether it be jewelry, e-reader pillows or upcycling books into e-reader cases and purses.

How did you start?
I started off making book charms for authors and book lovers and expanded from there. Growing up I’ve always loved making things, so I guess my passion for crafting just grew into better looking, and more useful items.

What was the first thing you ever crafted? 
Book charm necklaces and bracelets, and yes they can still be found in my shop, although due to listing fees, I’ve decreased the variety of them and just added Custom Listings for books not found in the shop. The experience from my first year on Etsy was great, as I had a lot of interest from people who already followed me on Tumblr, and each purchase use to come with an original drawing (by me) of the authors.

Find this cool Jane Eyre purse here

What is the favorite craft you’ve ever made? Can it still be found in your store?
So far, anything that I can sew up, so my favs are my book purses and quilted bookshelf pillow. I also really love sculpting my literature themed music boxes, although they haven’t sold yet. Everything can still be found in my store, and I do custom work as well :)

What is your next art/craft project?
I’ve been pretty busy with my book purses, but I would love to create more Lit Soaps, sculptures, music boxes, and e-reader pillows before Christmas time :)

Do you have other interests/passions/hobbies?
I started off college as a music composition major (I play the French horn,) and I ended college majoring and graduating with a degree in Interior Design. I also enjoy writing, drawing and cooking. I LOVE books (obviously, lol!) and my favorite genres are Mystery, Thrillers/horror and Sci-Fi.

Find this Harry Potter book charm bracelet here

What would you say to an aspiring artist or crafter who wishes to commercialize his or her creations?  

Do it for the fun of it! That’s the most important thing :) Don’t let your passion become a stressful burden. Also don’t sell yourself short, you know how much you’ve spent on materials, shipping, and how much love and work you’ve put into your projects, so your prices should definitely reflect that.

Discover more about Denée and her fandom inspired products at her Etsy store by clicking here.

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E.A. Poe quote art found here 


  1. I might get that Jane Eyre purse for my sister's birthday because she is crazy about all things bookish and I know she would just love it. I like the sound of all these crafts :3

  2. I have to say Stephen King is my favorite author and my favorite book is It.

    1. I've tried reading IT two times and twice I've chickened out of it XD I do plan to read it at some point though.

  3. OMG I love E.A.P so much!!! My favorite by him so far is The Tell-Tale Heart! I love that it's believed to be based on an actual murder which is a pretty interesting story in itself ;) LOVE this giveaway!!

    1. I agree, The Tell-Tale Heart is a great story. It's creepy to think that it's based on real events! I also really like The Masque of the Red Death. I'm glad you like the giveaway :)

  4. Unfortunately, I do not read much horror as I cannot stomach it much. I am a scardy cat!

    1. I can read horror books without even flinching but put a horror movie on and I'll probably spend the entire time with my face hidden behind my arms XD I guess I also kind of fit the scardy cat category, haha.

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