Thursday, February 19, 2015

Book stacks and tea cups... Welcome to my blog!

Book stacks and tea cups... Need I say more? When you look at it, it doesn't really take much to please a reader. Grab a good book, make yourself a steaming cup of tea and get cozy in your favorite reading nook and you're all set for your own, personal DIY exotic getaway.
I intend this blog to be your online book nook for all book-related stuff. Need new book recommendations? Want to read the review of a particular book or series? Or maybe you just want to read some book articles? Of Stacks and Cups has you covered and promises even more awesome content such as daily word definitions, weekly book quotes, shoutouts and even movie recommendations based on the books you've loved and read. In short, lots of awesome content is soon coming along your way, so just stay tuned for that! You might as well follow me by mail to be notified whenever new content is up and ready on the blog. I'll be posting new content every week, so be sure to drop by from time to time :)
Of Stacks and Cups is only now taking its first steps in the book blogging community but as one of my upcoming weekly posts, I intend to have a 'Book Blogger/YouTuber Shoutout'. In these posts I'll be highlighting a particular book blogger or YouTuber, as a way of promoting and supporting the book community, and also to introduce readers to all these awesome people who are creating great content everyday. So if you are a book blogger or YouTuber and wish to feature on my blog in the coming weeks, do let me know by mail.
So that's it for now guys. If you like my blog, don't forget to follow me by mail. You can also find me on Goodreads at: 
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  1. I really love what I'm seeing on your blog! I'm excited to see more content!

  2. Thanks Anissa ^_^ I've got lots of fun stuff planned for March, too ;)