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The 'Would You Rather' Book Tag

I was tagged by my blogger friend, the lovely Lanie from Lanie's Book Thoughts. This tag was originally created by YouTuber Rachel Reads and you can check out the original video here. These questions are insanely on point and were a lot of fun to answer!

1. Would you rather read only trilogies or stand alones?

I love trilogies and series. Staying with your favorites for more than one book is great. You get to read more about the characters and worlds you love best and get to watch those characters develop and grow with each installment. However, being the story lover that I am, if I had to pick, I would read only stand alones. That way I can discover much more new stories and universes. I would probably be a lot more book hangover though. 

2. Would you rather read only male or female authors?

Hmm, these questions are not getting easier are they? I'm all for gender equality and stuff so left to me, I wouldn't even select one over the other. But if I had to pick though... I guess I would go with the female authors. I mean, we girls have to support each other right?^^

3. Would you rather shop at Barnes & Nobles or Amazon?

Well this is an easy one 'cause we don't have Barnes & Nobles here XD. Actually I buy most of my books online. I usually go for The Book Depository because of the free shipping but to answer the question, yep, I would rather shop at Amazon.

4. Would you rather all books become movies or TV shows?

Oh, this is hard. On one hand more stuff from the book could be done in a TV show but then again, you would have to wait for months, or even years, to get to see that epic conclusion you loved in the books. On the other hand, movies are shorter and your favorite characters would have less screen time than in a TV show. Okay, I'm going with the TV shows I guess! And speaking of that, who else is hyped for Shadowhunters?!

5. Would you rather read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

Being an avid reader, I usually read A LOT per week. Although five is definitely too much for me in a week, I would go for that. I mean, 5 pages? In a week?? I would go crazy waiting to know what happens next in the story!

6. Would you rather be a professional reviewer or author?

Okay, you want to know a little secret of mine? To become an author has been a dream of mine for years. I've even written a few books in French and stories in both English and French. It's just that in recent years, I've come to realize that maybe I enjoy reading stories more than I like writing them. I'll never stop writing. I just don't think I'll ever do it as a published author. Becoming a professional reviewer though sounds awesome and I would love to be one. 

7. Would you rather only read your top 20 favorite books over and over or always read new ones that you haven't read before?

I love to re-read my favorite books. Some I've even re-read more than 5 times. But if I had to pick, I would choose to always read new books. Like I said before, I'm just a sucker for stories and would hate not being able to discover new ones.

8. Would you rather be a librarian or book seller?

A book seller! That's actually another of my secret (now not so much!) bookish dreams. I want to end up working in the publishing industry one day. And in a perfect world, I would have my very own bookstore. I even know what I would call it. Am I looking too much into this?? 

9. Would you rather only read your favorite genre, or every genre except your favorite?

Even if it's my favorite genre, if I had to read books strictly from it, I would eventually get bored. Not being able to read my favorite genre would be hard but I'd rather be able to read books from many different genres.

10. Would you rather only read physical books or eBooks?

I buy a lot of books on my Kindle from Amazon, mostly because I like being able to read anywhere I want without having to tote my books around. That being said though, I have a preference for physical books. They smell the way only books can smell, they look great on my bookshelves and I can actually use bookmarks from my ever-growing collection with them. So even if life without eBooks would be harder for my bookish self, I would rather read only physical books. 

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  1. Thanks so much for the tag! I am SO excited to do this one and I have a feeling we have a lot of the same answers. I mean, I love my paperbacks most of all even if I do read a lot of ebooks too, and I would be shopping at Amazon because like you, living internationally means it is difficult to find good English bookstores. I am SO pumped for Shadowhunters as well ^^ I think I would go for movies though :P I best stop answering now before I answer all the questions in this comment :P

    1. Haha looking forward to reading your answers Olivia! From this little preview of yours, your post sounds like it's going to be fun to read XD

  2. Thanks so much for the tag!! It's kind of scary how similar some of your answers are to mine! Can't wait to answer these!

  3. Thank you for the tag! This is perfect, I needed something fun for next week. :) These are some hard hitting questions though - but it was great to read your answers - I agree with most of them! And you should definitely dream about owning your own bookstore - it's a wonderful dream!

    1. Thanks Charlene. Maybe one day I will have my little bookstore, fingers crossed haha! Looking forward to reading your answers :)

  4. Oh these questions are though! I loved reading all of your answers though Soudha! I agree, I'd go with series/trilogies too, Amazon for me as well since we don't have B&N here either. I'd go for tv-series as well instead of movies because there's more time to explore every detail season by season! 5 books a week for me too but I'd have to quit my job LOL I want to be an author too so that one's a no-brainer. I'd want to reread my favorites for ever, be a book seller, stick to my favorite genre and read physical books for ever too haha!

    1. It's really cool that you want to become an author. I can imagine you writing lots of awesome fantasy books :)

  5. Thank you for tagging me! :) I will try to get my response up as soon as I can.

    As for your answer for number 8. I don't think you are looking too far into it. After all it is your dream and that is a wonderful thing to look forward to in the future.

    1. I'm looking forward to reading your answers Melissa :)
      And thanks, it's always nice to talk about dreams and the future with people who understand ;)

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