Thursday, September 3, 2015

Magic and Wonder Giveaway 1 (Open Internationally)

Hey guys! This month I'm starting a new feature and this time, I'm having some guests over! I've always been a fan of art and creative ventures and so, I decided to feature Etsy sellers on my blog each month in order to promote their work. Each month I'll also have giveaways where one of you will be able to win a free product from the store of the Etsy seller I'm working with. 

I also thought that it would be fun to assign a theme to each month and for September, the theme is Magic and Wonder. I'll be hosting two giveaways in line with this theme, so make sure you visit my blog again for the second giveaway which is coming up soon. 

Today my Etsy guest is Audra from Mrs Sprocket's Trinkets. Audra is from Florida and makes steampunk handmade jewelry and other trinkets. Her one of a kind artwork is what first caught my eye. The first time I visited her store, it reminded me a bit of the atmosphere from the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Strange and beautiful at the same time. 

Interview With Audra 

Here's an interview I had with Audra, in which she talks about her early inspirations, her creations and her passion for Anime and Cosplay! You'll find the giveaway at the end of the interview. 

1. How did you start your craft?

I have always been into arts, crafts and drawing since I was little, doing things here and there for fun. Friends have told me they liked what I did and the ideas I had and suggested I start making things to sell. So I decided to open up a store. I also take my creations to different conventions.

2. From whom did you take your inspiration? 

My mom was very artsy and crafty and my dad was very artistic. So I learned the craft aspects from her and I also love to draw which I got from my dad.

Steampunk charm bracelet

3. Did you take any special classes?

The only thing close to classes were art and sculpture classes I took throughout middle school and high school. Other than that, I’m self-taught with a hint of YouTube watching if I wasn't completely sure how to make something technically come together.

4. What was the first thing you ever crafted? 

When I was young the first thing was a clay cup that I made in pottery class and a cat picture I did in art class. They didn't look great, but it was awesome to go through the process of learning how to do both.

5. What was the experience like?

The first time I decided to try making jewelry it was an awesome feeling of “Holy cow I made that and it looks good!”

But the more I make the better they get and the more fun I have. Since I make every piece differently, I get to experiment with what I think looks good but also about what I think the person purchasing it would like and how good would it look with the costume or outfit they would wear it with.

6. What is the favorite thing you ever crafted? Can it still be found in your store?

So far the piece I've made that I liked the most was an Octopus that was made out of melted plastic. And it is still for sale in my store.

7. Are you working on anything new at the moment?

Right now I am working on a steampunk battery operated lamp that will be made from a really awesome bottle that a friend gave to me. I hope to have it ready for the next convention I'm going to in the middle of September. Depending on how much people like it I have quite a few other ideas in mind for similar lamp projects with bottles.

8. What are your other passions and hobbies?

I really love to draw Anime and animals. I enjoy reading, and writing poems. Also love to put together puzzles. I also love going to different conventions like Anime and Cosplaying.

9. Who are your favorite artists?

I love a lot of the old time artists like Monet or Picasso. Their paintings are just beautiful and weird. And I can't think of the specific artists’ names but I love Greek architecture and sculptures.

10. What would you say to an aspiring artist who wishes to commercialize his or her creations?

Do what you enjoy, and if you decide to commercialize your product and you make several different types of things, try to get an idea of what other people like and what others sell.

If you only do one type like drawing or just making jewelry etc. just do what you like and you're good at.

Most importantly make sure to get as much info out on social media as possible since that is the most popular means of communication and buying today. 

And if you're able to do so, going to conventions, like Anime, SciFi or comic book conventions, and having a booth or table is a great way to get your name/brand out. I've found from experience that even if what you do isn't directly related to the convention, it doesn’t really matter cause people love the dealer rooms and sometimes, you may sell even better since you have something that is unique to that convention.

The Giveaway 

Enter the giveaway to win the Into The Mine necklace, made with Bottle, Gear, Clock and Key Charms and Guitar String that was used by the Steampunk band, The Cog Is Dead, in concert!

Here are a few things to know about this giveaway:
  1. It's open internationally.
  2. All the Magic and Wonder giveaways end on the 30th of September.
  3. The winners of all the Magic and Wonder giveaways will be announced on the 1st of October.

Good luck everyone!

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Cover Art by Of Stacks and Cups via Pagemodo


  1. Nice Thought! I would love to win this ;)

    I have nominated you for a Blog Award. Please find the post here >> Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

    Happy Blogging!

    1. Thanks for checking out the giveaway Ria :) My award post will be up soon. Thanks again for nominating me!

  2. This is so cool! I would love to have the talent that this girl has to make such wonderful pieces of art :) She should definitely be proud of it all. It was cool getting to know more about her from the interview as well. There is literally so much on Etsy it can hard to know where to start. But this is definitely a good place to :)

    1. I'll be posting about more Etsy sellers over the next months because there are so many of them out there who do awesome art and creations and totally deserve an audience. Thanks for dropping by Olivia :)

  3. Your giveaways looks awesome! Will the winner be emailed too? o.O

    1. Thanks! Sure, I always email the winners :)

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