Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Halloween Giveaway 1 (Open Internationally) + Last Month's Giveaway Winners

Hey guys! Halloween will soon be upon us and to celebrate with you guys, this month I'm hosting a couple of Halloween-themed giveaways for you. In today's giveaway, you have a chance to win pumpkin spice scented soap and body lotion inspired by Sleepy Hollow. Awesome, right? ^^

These products are being offered by Amber and Wendy, the lovely ladies from the Etsy store Elliott's Closet and its subsidiary store, Amber's Hallow. They sell a wide range of products including candles, bath products and perfume inspired from your favorite books and characters. I mean, they actually have a Herondale lotion

Below you'll find the giveaway which you can enter to win these awesome pumpkin scented products, followed by my interview with the Elliott sisters. 

At the end of the interview, you'll also find the winners of September's Magic & Wonder giveaways.

The Giveaway

Evade the Headless Horseman with his captivating fragrance! Both the soap and lotion are handmade with fragrance oils. Experience the sweet smell of Autumn with this rich scent, brought to you in a travel size lotion and a hard bar of soap! The spicy scent of pumpkin spice is woven into the warm scent of vanilla and layered into a base of sweet Myrrh.

This giveaway is open internationally and will end on the 31st of October. The winner will be announced in the first week of November. 

Both products are made in the U.S.A. and have never been tested on animals.

Interview with the Elliott sisters

Here's an interview I had with Amber and Wendy Elliot, in which they tell us more about the bookish inspirations behind their products.

Tell us about your craft. 
We make geek, historical, literary and pop culture bath, body and home items with themed scents. We make a wide variety of sundry and scented home products and strive for the highest quality for a reasonable price.

How did you start?
Amber: I started about ten years ago when I worked for a Native American woman's organization. One of the ladies we worked with taught me how to blend scents and got me started on that. Then two years ago, Wendy suggested we make a commercial line based on simple, lively scents themed around geek and literary ideas, and Amber's Hallow was born.

Peeta Mellark's Fresh Baked Cupcake bath salts

What was the first thing you ever crafted? How was the experience like?
We started with soap, our bar glycerin, after blending some starting scents. It wasn't too hard, the biggest stumbling block was figuring out the branding and how we wanted to market them. We found the pumpkin mold and the soap ended up so cute we called it a success!

What is the favorite craft you’ve ever made? Can it still be found in your store?
Wendy: My favorite craft is the Columbia Inn candle, because it reminds me of my favorite movie, and favorite time of year, Christmas! And yes, it can still be found in our shop.

Amber: It's hard to pin down what's my favorite. I love our perfume, I wear one of the scents every day, and my favorite scent is probably Percy, though I love Katniss and Clary and wear them a lot as well. All three scents can be found in our shop in both liquid and solid perfume.

Clary perfume inspired by The Mortal Instruments 

What is your next project? Are you working on something in particular at the moment?
Currently we're developing a line of natural hair care products ranging from Sea Salt Spray to Beard Oil for the gents. We're planning and hopefully launching that very soon!

Do you have other passions apart from crafting?
Amber: We actually have several other crafting businesses, so for the most part we pretty much do crafting all the time. I'm also an artist and graphic designer as well as a writer, so if I'm not making something for one of the shops I'm usually drawing or writing something.

Wendy: I enjoy photographing nature and architecture, which we also sell as prints in our other Etsy store.

Percy Jackson's Blue Candy & Sea inspired candle

What are your favorite artists?
Amber: Well my favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh, and I am really inspired by his bold use of straight color and that tends to influence my artwork a lot. For my writing, there isn't just one author that inspires me, but I love Rick Riordan, JK Rowling, Alexandre Dumas and William Shakespeare.

Wendy: My favorite Photographer is Nigel Barker, the famous fashion photographer. I love his use of light when it comes to portraying the clothes. He focuses on the composition as a whole and really brings out the beauty in the fashion designs rather than focusing on the model.

What would you say to an aspiring artist or crafter who wishes to commercialize his or her creations?  

There is nothing more satisfying then selling a piece of your own artwork, but be prepared to put every single hour of the day into your business. It's a true commitment if you want to be success. Don't give up and always keep expanding your horizons to touch others with what you do.

Discover more about the Elliott sisters and their fandom inspired products at their Etsy store by clicking here.

Winners of September's Magic & Wonder Giveaways

The Steampunk Necklace 'Into the Mine' won by Mary Vantil
The Beautiful Mermaid Doll won by Petra Kos

Congrats to the winners! 

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  1. I love candles that remind me of Christmas too! On Christmas morning, I wake up first, light up the fire and a few candles and drop the turkey into the oven. By the time my boys wake up, the kitchen smells lovely, the house is warm, and everything smells like cinnamon, cloves, and orange... :)

    1. That's such a cozy Christmas image Ramona! Here we celebrate Christmas in the peak of summer so candles are so not happening XD

  2. Oh, I just had to enter this one! I am someone who is crazy about pumpkin everything. Pumpkin scents and cakes and mhhmmm I just love them all! I really do love having shampoos and perfumes and all that smell good, so shops like this one are heaven to me. Thanks for sharing and interviewing, Soudha!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed this one Olivia :)

    2. Thank you so much olivia! We are so happy you love our shop. Just to let you know we make the sleepy hollow scent in everything from candles to our spray in hair products! 😍