Monday, April 24, 2017

Feyre & Rhysand: The Musical

Hi guys ^^ In case you missed my last posts, I'm currently hosting an ACOTAR event throughout April and May to celebrate the release of A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas.

Today, I thought I would go back on Feyre and Rhysand's history together... with music! Of course, if you haven't finished A Court of Mist and Fury yet, you probably don't want to scroll down because I'm about to spoil A LOT... 

Still here? Awesome, let's begin :)

1. Rhysand meets Feyre for the first time at Calanmai


As we eventually learn once Rhysand confesses his feelings to Feyre after she finds out that they are mates, back when he was still Amarantha's prisoner, he began to have visions of her. He would see fleeting images of her dreams and it was through one of those visions that he realized that the woman he had been dreaming about was at the Spring Court. That's why he was at the Calanmai ceremony all the way back in the early chapters of ACOTAR, where he would end up saving Feyre from the three fae that were harassing her.

2. Rhysand binds Feyre to him during Amarantha's trials


As we later find out, it was to protect Feyre without raising the suspicions of Amarantha, Tamlin and the others that Rhysand bothered with the deal and the binding tattoo in the first place. While his intentions were solely to protect Feyre, for the longest time, Feyre only saw him as another of her tormentors.


3. Feyre abandons the Spring Court and joins Rhysand's Inner Circle 


It is only when Feyre finally leaves the Spring Court behind and joins Rhysand at the Night Court, that she slowly starts to heal from the horrors of Under the Mountain. She becomes a member of Rhysand's Inner Circle and under the care and training of her new friends, Feyre begins to grow stronger.

4. Feyre and Rhysand grow closer during Starfall


This is the scene where Feyre really starts to realize that she might actually be getting closer to Rhys than she thought she ever would. With the backdrop of the celebrations of Starfall and the brief moment of happiness for the Inner Circle before the trials that await them, this scene is full of promises and hope.

5. Feyre wakes Rhysand from his nightmare


After seeing Rhysand try his best to save Feyre from the horrors of her past trials, this scene shows that not only has Feyre grown stronger but that she is in fact strong enough to save him in turn from his own inner demons. Plus, Rhysand wearing nothing but his ink and darkness... Come, on XD.

6. Rhysand secretly makes Feyre his High Lady and has her infiltrate the Spring Court 


And that is ship goals people! That ship has finally sailed and I couldn't be happier. Now I can't wait to see Feyre kick some (Tamlin) ass in ACOWAR. And be reunited with Rhysand of course <3 

So that's it for this post guys. I hope you enjoyed it! If you have other music suggestions that you think would fit Feyre and Rhysand, do share them with me in the comments. Look out for more ACOTAR content in the next few days.

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Until next time, take care and read on 💛


  1. This is absolutely amazing Soudha! I love Wild Horses and Fix you, beautiful song choices. I'm loving the new feature, I'm so excited for ACOWAR and this is just adding to my anticipation. Looking forward to the next post! <3

    1. I'm glad you liked it ^^ Thank you so much <3