Thursday, June 22, 2017

Giveaway: Enter to win a Shadowhunter necklace (Open Internationally)

Hey guys ^^ Since Lord of Shadows is finally here, I thought it would be fun to check out some Shadowhunter goodies to fangirl about together. So today, I have a Shadowhunter inspired giveaway for you!

For today's post, I'm working with the Etsy store Julia's Fandom Jewelry. This store offers awesome jewelry inspired by books and for this giveaway, they have selected for you their beautiful Shadowhunter necklace featuring a quote from City of Bones. Below you'll find the giveaway which you can enter to win this necklace.

Product Description

The pendant is approx. 25 mm in diameter and 35 mm in height. The necklace is approx. 42 cm in length. The quote included in the necklace is by Madam Dorothea from City of Bones and it says, "The most terrible things men do they do in the name of love". For more information, check out the store here

The Giveaway

  • This giveaway is open internationally.
  • It will last till the 20th of July.
  • Once the giveaway ends, I will randomly choose a winner and email them personally to let them know they won. 

Good luck!

Art by Cassandra Jean


  1. Aww this is cool! Love your blog, found it via instagram 💕😊

    1. That's sweet ^^ Thanks for dropping by and participating <3

  2. Clary Fray because she is so tough and brave.

  3. Magnus Bane - thank you for this amaxing giveaway - and that it's international!

  4. none- never read it

  5. Jace Because he's absolutely awe inspiring and amazing.