Monday, June 26, 2017

Some Shadowhunter bookish goodies for you ^^

Hey guys ^^ For today's post, I'm bringing to you a selection of bookish items derived from Cassandra Clare's Shadowhunter books. If anything catches your fancy, you can always find a link to the store under each item so that you can look it up and maybe purchase it if you want ^^

Let's start ^^

Parabatai Candle

Over at Novelly Yours, you'll find a large collection of candles inspired by your favorite books and characters. For this Shadowhunter themed post, they have selected for you their Parabatai candle, inspired by the Dark Artifices series. The candle's scent evokes the outdoors, storms, the forest and a hint of citrus. 

To check out more of Novelly Yours's awesome candles, visit the Etsy shop here. For more similar awesome products, check out their InstagramFacebook and Twitter

Shadowhunter Necklaces

Find this necklace here

These beautiful necklaces are offered by Julia's Fandom Jewelry. The shop has a wide selection of Shadowhunter inspired jewelry, with quite a lot of different styles. The necklaces are handmade and the pendants feature quotes taken from Cassie Clare's books. 

Find this necklace here

The store also offers other necklace designs, such as this one with a shimmery coppery-reddish glass cabochon pendant inspired by Clary's hair and featuring a fearless rune. 

To check out more of these pretty necklaces from Jessica's Fandom Jewelry, you can visit the Etsy shop here.

I'm currently also hosting a giveaway for another necklace from Jessica's Fandom Jewelry. The necklace being offered is this one featuring a quote from City of Bones and you can still enter the giveaway for a chance to win it by clicking here.

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